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Is Overpouring Overserving?

No, but Overpouring can quickly lead to Overserving.  To make matters worse, the patron might not know the drinks were overpoured.

With hundreds of bar clients, we know how diligent the majority of bar owners and bartenders are when it comes to proper serving.  However as careful as they might be in trying to avoid heavy pours, overpouring happens.  Sometimes the overpouring isn’t apparent to the bar patron, which only adds to the problem and risk.  Patrons could believe they were receiving one drink containing 1.25 oz of liquor, only to be poured 2.0 oz or worse.  In just 2 drinks, the actual liquor poured might be the equivalent of 3 or more drinks.  Not only is revenue lost, but the patron may likely have been overserved.

The Solution – You can train and observe your bartenders, but there is nothing better than to let us help you.  BarVision monitors the amount of every pour and compares this amount to the recipe amount.  Repeated overpouring will be clear, so you can intervene and retrain.  You will see a dramatic reduction in overpours and a marked increase in revenues and profits.

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