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Are your liquor costs really under control?

Too often, when considering BarVision, the Beverage Director chimes in, saying they have it under control, pointing out their Cost of Liquor is good at 14% or higher. They explain the staff takes weekly inventory.

Is this really the case? Not Really. A $10 drink and $20 bottle is an 8% Cost of Liquor. Even if the bartenders spill 5% of every bottle, the Cost of Liquor should be less than 9%.

Furthermore, drink prices have increased more than liquor costs. A $10 drink that is now $12, produces $2 additional of revenue, while the liquor cost increased by only 10¢.

Our Point: Taking inventory is not by itself an answer, but there is something that can be done to increase your profits and lower your cost of liquor. More top level managers, including beverage directors, are realizing this.

Give us a call, as we are helping restaurant chains and others increase their Bar Revenues by 5% or more.


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