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Why Give Away Your Bar Revenue?

Every bar has some level of lost revenue, and in some cases it can reach more than 30%. After studying millions of Pours and POS transactions at hundreds of bars, we’ve seen the solution is as simple as Posting what you Pour. 

Lost revenue is caused by differences between Pours and POS postings and is driven by giveaways, overpours, and free substitutions to premium liquors. Only BarVision shows you when these exceptions occur and the overall impact they’re having on your business. Through our Revenue Score, all clients know how they started, and where they’re trending. On top of providing accurate and insightful data, our Customer Success Advisors collaborate one-on-one with each client to ensure they’re trending in the right direction. They closely analyze performance and trends to provide proven suggestions and increase revenue. 

Our affordable price and significant financial impact combine to deliver a substantial ROI. In one of our clients, the bar’s revenue grew by more than 10%, approximately $125,000. Along with the bar’s improved revenue, the bartenders saw a 15% increase in overall tips. Many similar success stories will prove no other solution on the market drives financial performance like BarVision.