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Increase Your Restaurant’s Profit and the Value of Your Business

For years, bars have been losing from 20% to more than 30% of liquor revenue. 

No other solution has solved this problem until BarVision. Our solution has increased overall revenue by up to 10% while delivering a significant Return on Investment (“ROI”).

We deliver meaningful and sustainable results through helping our customers pours and POS transactions. Through our reporting, bar owners can see the accuracy of pours from their bar and the impact on profitability. Other reports help clients monitor trends over time or compare performance across different locations. Our clients realize significant ROI’s ranging from 8x to over 20x. For example, a $500,000 revenue bar operation can easily realize $40,000 per annum in increased profits while spending $3,000 on BarVision.

Impact on the Value of Your Business:

Earning more profit is important, but our solution can have an even larger impact to the value of your business.  Businesses are valued at a multiplier of it’s profit or income.  The value of Private companies are often 3 to 5x income, while publicly-held and private equity owned enterprises are routinely valued at 15x or more income.

A single location realizing $40,000 per annum in increased profits, overall business value will increase between $120,000 and $200,000 greater.  This is for spending $3,000 per annum.

In an Enterprise operation with 100 or more locations, the impact on overall business value could equal $60 million or more, a multiple of 200 times BarVision’s annual cost.