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Guests, Owners, and Bartenders All Benefit from Accurate Pouring and Posting

Many liquor and inventory control systems either diminish the guest experience by restricting pours or stop short of providing the detail necessary to spur meaningful change. BarVision’s free-pour SmartSpouts and actionable reporting overcomes these shortcomings to deliver substantial improvements to operations, more revenue, and bigger bartender tips on average.

Pour Precision

Traditional liquor control systems incorporate restricted pouring, which is both disliked by bartenders and unattractive to patrons. Not only do these systems slow down bartender productivity but they prevent them from pouring specialty cocktails, specific pour amounts, and drinks containing more than one liquor.

Inventory Insights

Inventory systems lack the details on what, where, and when drinks are overpoured. BarVision highlights every overpour and scores each venue with a 1-10 rating based on how consistent their drinks are poured and charged. Our SmartSpout’s free-pouring capabilities collect actionable data while ensuring bartenders can dispense any drink as if they’re using a typical free-pour spout 

Everybody Wins

The results are numerous, starting with higher-quality drinks and a more enjoyable guest experience. As experience improves and fewer drinks are overpoured, the price of the average tab increases, and average tips increase as well. In addition, guests are more likely to return, refer guests, and share their positive experiences.