BarVision Doesn’t Just Provide a Return on Investment; It Transforms Your Bar Operations

At BarVision, we work hard to deliver the maximum amount of value to our partners. We provide a substantial ROI – often more than 10 times the cost – by helping you realize more revenue.

Industrywide, bars lose 20 to more than 30 percent of their potential revenue as a result of more alcohol being poured than what is reflected in the POS. Our reporting uses data science to match every Pour with its POS post. By tracking each bar’s Pours and POS transactions, we know how much liquor is going out and how much money is coming in. Every owner knows these numbers don’t add up like they should, but even the best inventory systems can’t provide enough information to act upon.

When pours are higher than posts, bars lose additional drinks that could have been sold. Increased awareness of the disparities between Pours and POS posts empowers owners and managers to take action and incentivize their teams to pour better and give away less. 

When the gap between pours and posts is reduced, bars will bring in thousands of dollars more in revenue. Only BarVision’s reporting shows how much revenue is lost to inaccurate pours and highlights the potential each bar has for additional revenue.