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Turn More Pours Into Profits

Turn more pours
into profits

Realize more revenue, deliver a more consistent customer experience, and sell more profitable drinks with BarVision. Our wireless liquor pour spouts are just the beginning of a powerful and impactful solution.

What is barvision?

Our liquor monitoring solution helps bars pour consistently and sell more profitable drinks

BarVision uses standard free pour spout with a sensor to capture the amount of liquor in every pour. 

Then, our algorithms match each pour to its POS transaction to identify every overpour and the impact to your bar’s profit. 

BarVision uses an IoT alcohol pour spout to capture the amount of liquor in every pour. 

A 21st Century solution: our Smart liquor pourers link pour data with your POS system to identify every overpour and the impact to your bar’s profit. Then, we work hand-in-hand with you to motivate staff to pour precise and consistent drinks.


Monitor pour amounts

Our liquor bottle spouts see what bartenders are pouring, even when you’re not on site.

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Analyze Pours by
Time & Location

Reports & Advisors share
daily, weekly, and monthly insights.


Calculate Lost
Revenue Impact

Know the impact overpours and drink inconsistency have on your bottom line.

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Make more

Use key metrics to drive change and add more profits.

how does it work?

We begin with sensor-based Smart Spouts that record what, when and how much is poured. Next, we compare the alcohol Pours to the POS drink charges. Then, using AI technology, we identify and share issues that affect your bar’s operations and profitability. 

Capture Pours

Real-time liquor spouts capture every pour.

Collect POS Charges

We collect your POS charges and compare to pours.

Identify performance &

We identify problem pours and report key metrics and trends.

Take Action

Your Advisors work with you, summarizing issues so you can take action.

How Can BarVision Help You?

BarVision reporting provides insights on performance so managers can deliver a consistent customer experience, eliminate costly overpouring, and sell more profitable drinks; all while monitoring bartenders remotely.

Learn More About our digital Smart Spouts

wireless Free Pour Liquor Spouts and Tap Sensors

Our patented wireless Smart Spouts and Beer Tap Sensors precisely track every pour. Unlike traditional liquor controls, BarVision allows bartenders to operate without restriction.

  • Stainless steel, standard four count free pour spouts
  • 100% FREE with subscription, replaced for free
  • Wireless, never need to be charged
  • Enable high flow rate and accurate, consistent pours
  • Heavy duty and easy to clean
  • Standard pourers fit snuggly on all types of liquor bottle


Better Tools. Better Reporting.
More Control.

Wish you could watch every pour? We can. We’ve studied millions of Pours and POS transactions, and know the factors that can drain bar profits. Adding BarVision means no more guesswork. 

Wish you could watch every pour? We can. We’ve studied millions of Pours and POS transactions, and know the factors that can drain bar profits. Adding BarVision means no more guesswork. Our modern bar management tools monitor daily activity, register issues and report the improvements that come with better inventory and pour control.


What are Overpours Costing You?

You want drinks to flow. The faster your bartenders pour, the more people you serve, and the more you make, right?  Not if you sacrifice accuracy!

  • Overpouring doesn’t just increase your liquor costs.
  • It can also cause your guests to order fewer drinks.

On a monthly basis, this can add up to hundreds of unsold drinks. In total, unrealized revenue could be $10,000/month.

Fortunately, we can help. We can show you when, where, what and how much alcohol was poured.

Overpour Costs


Upselling Opportunities and Theft

Upselling — The explosion of high-end premium spirit brands has created an unprecedented opportunity to upsell. A good, knowledgeable bartender can move a patron from $4/shot to $8/shot by upselling top-shelf liquor. We track your premium pours so you can monitor promotions and reward bartenders.

Substitutions & Theft  —  Bartenders often pour premium brand liquors, but charge well prices. This impacts bar revenues and cost.  We can help you identify and address this.

Combined, upselling and charging for premium pours can add significantly more bar revenue and profits.

improve bar revenue from premium pours

Drink Giveaways & Theft

Bartender & Employee Issues

The National Restaurant Association reports that 75% of inventory shortages are the result of employee theft including:

  • Pocketing cash drink payments; 
  • Pouring free drinks for friends; and
  • Pouring drinks for themselves after closing

While a single incident won’t bring down your bar, over time, they can add up. If you can’t be at your bar 24/7, what’s the solution?  BarVision. We know when our spouts are removed, what was poured and what was rung up. We help you create a culture of honesty and encourage bartenders to ‘Pour It and Post It’… because we track it.

liquor inventory shortages
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“BarVision’s real time reporting demonstrates the significance of educating our bartenders on the importance of cocktail consistency and measured pours. It’s invaluable when developing more effective pricing strategies. BarVision is the bar industry consultant that pays for itself over and over again!”

Vaughn Hardin
F&B Industry Executive Consultant
Johnson & Wales Graduate

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BarVision securely connects to over 50 of the top POS systems to collect your drink recipes and ring activity. Below are just a few of the systems we support. Don’t see your POS? Give us a call and we will verify.

NCR Aloha
Digital Dining
Harbor Touch

Touch Bistro
+ many more!


BarVision collaborates with many POS, Accounting, Inventory and F&B partners to bring business intelligence to customers.

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