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Our clients are averaging a 5X return on our system. Clients have broke even in under two months on the BarVision System.
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Free Pour Wireless System

Free flow system that tracks every pour, captures data wirelessly and has a proven track record.
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Consistent Pours

Our SmartSpouts TM tell the story of every pour, those story's should be consistent.

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Low impact

We work with bars of all shapes and sizes, but patented system ensures a low impact with a huge ROI.
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Local bar to national chains

Our pricing and experience can help the local watering hole to the 600 venue chain. Get A Quote

Real-Time Results

Actionable reports, cutting edge technology and 24/7 support. We are the undisputed leader in the liquor monitoring space.
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No more worrying, enjoy the day.

We get feedback from owners day in and day out. Most will admit that their staff spends hours a week watching bar performance from a distance or better yet, watching the cameras a little too often.

BarVision has solved this problem. Now you can finally view all your pours in real-time. That’s right, you can be in Mexico on the beach or in your back office and see exactly what is being poured at your establishment. Watch the pours come in on your mobile device, tablet or computer. All you need is an Internet connection as all of your pours are cloud based. We even have an Android and iPhone App. Pretty Rockstar.


Follow our simple steps and we guarantee results

ImageIt’s simple, BarVision has been through the ringer. Battle-tested in some of the harshest environments and we have performed quite nicely.

You will lower your liquor costs significantly if you follow our lead. We just need minor information from you and then you just put our nifty patented spouts on your liquor bottles and beer taps. Then the BV system will start doing its magic. Real-time pours, daily reports, etc. are all at your fingertips. And better yet, we have a full-time time dedicated to guaranteeing your success day in and day out. Cowabunga.

Cloud based reporting including daily reports

Stay up to date on your numbers no matter where you are.

Boom. As many users as you need, anywhere in the world (which has internet)…can access your establishment’s dashboard. “Daily Report’s” for the quick run-through with coffee of what happened last night or detailed reports which highlight down to the minute what occurred. No more waiting to the end of your month to see your liquor costs were once again inconsistent. Find out what’s going on the next day and rectify the problem. No other place packs actionable insights like our cloud reporting.


Available via phone, email or live chat.

Ugh or (“no bueno”)The worst feeling is buying something great only to find out that the support is awful and you can’t get the use out of your item.

We hate that model, our system is designed to be available when you need us most…After the Sale! We work consistently with owners, managers, etc. to maximize the ROI they see on the BV system. No hidden fees. We do it all: Tech support, consulting on your individual venue, updating prices, recipes, etc., and making sure that you are completely satisfied.


Odds are we connect with your POS

BarVision can connect to most major POS Systems and can help you manage your entire business from sales of drinks to actual pours of drinks. No more guessing or wondering if you are losing profits due to bad ring ups, mis-poured drinks or a missed ring up or two.

BarVision works with as many bar/stations you have in your location. Doesn't matter if your bars are on different floors, inside or outside or in different rooms. BarVision closes the hole on the two big areas of concern in the hospitality market, visibility of liquor pours and real-time inventory control. Shake your money-maker.


Manufactured proudly in Phoenix, AZ

ImageApple Pie and BarVision spouts. Since the beginning, we have proudly built our patented spouts in the good ole USA. Battle-tested and proven. Every order placed in our queue will be built in the states and installed by a local contractor.

BarVision: Low impact. HIGH ROI.