When in Doubt, Focus on the Best Sellers

Rising costs, supplier hiccups, inexperienced staff; bars and restaurants are running into more problems than EVER these days. There are tons of methods to improve operations, efficiency, and reduce costs, but one that is often overlooked is making sure the best-selling items are prepared to perfection. Whether it’s standard cocktails or comfort food classics, making sure the most commonly ordered items are perfect will ensure a quality experience for the most loyal guests. 

How many times have we as consumers loved a dish or a drink and came back to order it again and again? 

Industry leaders say that “30% of (the) menu feed(s) about 80% of guests” This proves how important it is to execute the popular items well.

On top of that, experts explain “if the basic menu items are executed well then customers trust operators to let them try new things”. Restaurants that are thriving right now have a meticulous attention to detail with quality and customer experience. BarVision can ensure all drinks, especially the top sellers, are poured perfectly 
every time.