The Importance of Charging for Doubles, and How Often They’re Given a Discount

At BarVision, we study millions of pours and POS transactions every month. An almost universal finding is that bars pour doubles far more often than they charge for them. Whether this is an intentional free upgrade or an unintentional overpour, the fact remains that liquor is going uncharged, and bars lose money. Often, 20% of a bottle is given away for free through overpours or undercharging.

The result is about a 20% loss in potential revenue, but the effects trickle into almost every metric used to determine profitability. Since doubles aren’t being charged for appropriately; the average revenue per drink goes down, the number of drinks per tab goes down, the average tab size goes down, and ultimately bartender tips fall as well.

BarVision’s mantra, Post What You Pour, aligns the interests of everyone involved with selling alcohol. Customers get consistent drinks, bartenders get more tips, and owners make more money. Contact us today to learn more about our Key Performance Indicators highlighting Pours vs. POS and overall revenue opportunity.