Pour Less or Charge More?

All too often, BarVision sees that bars are pouring 25%-50% more liquor than they’re charging for. This means they are giving away one-quarter to one-half of their rightful revenue through overpours or undercharges. In order to capture that lost revenue, bars can either charge more or pour less.

Charging More: In cases of local bars with plenty of regular customers, the bartenders know each customer and how strong they prefer their drinks. In this case, the customers would often rather pay an upcharge to get their preferred pour amount vs. a standard pour. 

Pouring Less: In a high volume bar, or somewhere with many new guests, avoiding heavier pours unless requested benefits all parties. Keeping pours close to the standard single amount means guests get what they ordered. Also, guests who aren’t overpoured are more likely to order an additional drink, increasing average tabs and average tips. 

Only BarVision lets bar management know how much and how often they’re overpouring. With this knowledge, steps can be made to charge more or pour less and capture all of the revenue potential at each location. The result is a quality experience, delivering on customers’ expectations, and great tasting drinks.

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