Canned Cocktails: The New Hottest Beverage

With the explosion of hard seltzers in the past 2 years, there is a new trend that’s adding a new twist, canned cocktails. The traditional malt-based hard seltzers have grown 70% year-over-year, while spirit-based canned drinks have grown 184%.

While traditional hard seltzers are fermented with grain, barley or sugar; these canned cocktails are simply liquor and mixer, exactly like you’d find in a bar. In just a 6 week period, bevindustry.com has posted 9 new brands of canned cocktails: 4 with vodka, 2 with wine, and one each with tequila, rum, and gin.

Are canned cocktails a fad or are they here to stay? 

While hard seltzers may have paved the way for these canned cocktails, they may be a stay-at-home alternative to imitating bartender’s craft. When poured fresh, cocktails allow for creativity, customization, and most importantly, an interaction between staff and guests.