BarVision is Gaining Momentum as the Premiere Liquor Monitoring Solution

BarVision’s solution is constantly being enhanced, and it’s beginning to turn the heads of experienced restaurant professionals. In the past few months, BarVision’s actionable reporting caused a large restaurant chain to rethink its management model after receiving our unique insights on serving habits. 

In at least 30 store locations by the end of the year, BarVision’s reporting will give management the details necessary to reduce waste and improve revenue, margins, and profits. We’re proud to partner with an organization that’s focused on utilizing innovation to improve their operations and guest experience 


Whether it’s knowing which cocktails are commonly overpoured or who’s overpouring them, general managers know when procedures aren’t being upheld. On top of that, upper management can clearly see which locations are properly pouring and charging for drinks. No matter the market size or annual revenue, all venues are placed on an even playing field for comparison in pour accuracy and revenue realization.